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23 Extinct Animals We've Lost in the Past 150 Years Plus, alleged video footage of one creature that may still be roaming around an African archipelago. By Julie Gerstein and Daisy Hernandez Apr.

The Javan tiger was declared extinct in 1979 and was possibly extinct before this. As its name says, it was found on the island of Java in Indonesia.It was once thought of as subspecies of tiger, and it was indeed smaller than some of its cousins. Males were about 98 inches long and weighed between 220 and 311 pounds, while females were a little smaller and.

1860-1920. The Sea mink is a recently extinct species of mink that lived on the eastern coast of North America around the Gulf of Maine on the New England seaboard. It was most closely related to the American mink. The Sea mink was first described in 1903, after its extinction. According to fur traders and Native Americans the Sea mink may have.

TOP TEN RECENTLY EXTINCT ANIMALS WORLDWIDE. According to the IUCN Red List, in November 2020, the three latest extinct animals in the world were a fish (Sympterichthys unipennis), a bat (Pipistrellus sturdeei) and an insect (Pseudoyersinia brevipennis). These almost unknown animals prove that this phenomenon can affect any living being..

Animals that have recently gone extinct. Poison Frog is a fantastic creature. The last known sighting of the Spix's Macaw was in 2020. The estimated date of extinction is. Northern White Rhinoceros, also known as the Northern White Rhinoceros. Baiji's extinction is predicted to occur in 2018. The Pyrenean Ibex is predicted to go extinct.

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Scientists have identified at least 1.5 million animal species, and possibly millions more have yet to be named. 5. Steller's Sea Cow (1768) Steller's Sea Cow ( Hydrodamalis gigas) was a huge, plant-eating, sea mammal similar to the manatee in appearance. However, it could grow up to nine meters long (30 feet).